Cristo Salva is an ongoing, inter-denominational ministry of encouragement to the people of Honduras, Central America.
Cristo Salva
Sunday, July 25, 2021
An ongoing ministry of encouragment to the people of Honduras


Cristo Salva partners with Vitamin Angels
55,000 chidren ages 2- sixth grade will recieve daily vitamins and twice a year anti-parasitic medicine through this pilot program. The leading cause of death in Honduras is malnutrion. A secondary result is blindness. Cristo Salva and Vitamin Angels partnership is funded by a 3 year grant that started in 2006. George Washington University, Pan American Health Organization, The Ministry of Health in Honduras and all involved in tracking the sucess of this program. This is an exciting pilot program that will have lasting results for 55,000 children.
Please  click on video then scroll down until you see Honduras on the right side of the screen. Click on the video and you will see Pat and Pastor Ray's first distribution with Vitamin Angels in the schools.

Partnership with Direct Relief International

Direct Relief International has been an intregral part of the success of Cristo Salva. They provide medication, medical supplies and because of their efforts along with Vitamin Angel we are able to provide prenatal care. They provide our mid wife training bags and supplies.  Please visit their website to learn more about their efforts in providing for the Honduran people. Click the link below:

 Partnership with Life to Honduras

For additional information or if you are a medical supplier would like to partner with Cristo Salva please email: