Cristo Salva is an ongoing, inter-denominational ministry of encouragement to the people of Honduras, Central America.
Cristo Salva
Sunday, July 25, 2021
An ongoing ministry of encouragment to the people of Honduras

Trip Information

 Missions Trips

Cristo Salva’s outreach to the poor is carried out by four  short  term mission teams each year. Our greatest need is simply finding men & women who are willing to work in the trenches and obey the Great Commission. Volunteers may choose to serve one or two weeks at a time, with travel costs kept to a minimum.

There’s Room For YOU on a Cristo Salva Mission Trip!

Each trip consists of the following elements:

Medical and Dental: tend ing to the sick and hurting at our clinic in Macuelizo and in the most needy villages through mobile clinics. Hundreds of children and adults receive emergency medical and dental help, basic medicines and other supplies during a single clinic service day.

Village Outreach:   sharing the  gospel  through visiting homes in villages and neighborhoods where the most basic necessities are needed.   Praying with families and distributing food and clothing  during our visits.
Encouraging local churches and Pastors:  reaching across denominational linesto partner with existing Christian churches in Honduras. We visit different churches each night to encourage the local pastors and believers. We provide Bibles and Sunday school materials.
Building and renovation projects:   we are involved in projects throughout the community, supporting
local schools, churches and maintaining the Cristo Salva clinic.
Public School outreach:  we visit local public schools where we share the gospel, do crafts and play with the students.
Travel Information-We highly recommend Cris Knight a to book your airline tickets through. She handles both group and individual  tours.
Please contact her at:  for flight information.
2019 Dates:
January 14-21
January 21-28
April 22-29
October 14-21
All passports will need an expiration date of greater than 6 months from the date of departure. You will not be allowed to board the airplane unless your passport expiration date is 6+ months from expiring or more. This is a new regulation. Please plan ahead.
In order to go on a trip you must be 15 years old and you must attend church regularly. A pastoral reference may be required. Thank you.
For all info regarding Cristo Salva's short term mission trips, scheduling and upcoming opportunities please contact:  Carol Kline at or call 207.310.8592
Team Fees: $500.00 per week. International Medical Insurance is included in these prices. Airfare not included.
Exit Fees: Now included in your ticket price
Recommended spending money $100.00-$150.00
Every trip is different based on the gifts of the team members attending. Medical treatment is a large part of our ministry and is ongoing every trip. Building projects are ongoing as well (see the current newsletter for details). If you have a group that would like to do a project, part of our need is to raise the funds to do the project. We would love to see groups plan out and raise the funds to complete the projects on our list. Evangelism is our main focus-if you have a group that would like to focus on that we would love to speak with you! There is room for anyone with a servant's heart!  Please email Pastor Ray with any ideas that you have for specific projects.
 Steps to take when thinking about going on a trip:
1) Watch the Introduction To the Ministry Power Point located  as a sub tab under the Trip Information Tab in the index
2) Contact Carol Kline at the email address above about availability (if you are part of a group, the group leader will contact Carol)
3) Fill out the online application and submit in order to start the application process
4) Once your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming your application. Please do not assume you are going until your application has been confirmed. The email will contain details regarding the trip and additional forms.
5) Once confirmed a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is due along with the medical and release forms in order to reserve your spot. The medical and release forms will be emailed to you in the confirmation email.
6) The remainder of the Team Fee and International Insurance Policy are due 60 days prior to departure.
Foreign travel to a third world country requires immunizations. The U. S. State Department and the CDC recommend several vaccinations. (Refer to their website at  for an extensive list of recommended vaccinations for Central America.) Cristo Salva only requires  your tetanus vaccination be current within the last ten (10) years. Vaccinations against Hepatitis A and B are recommended for health professionals, but are not required. At your option, a flu shot, and, especially for those over 50 or those who have had a splenectomy, a pneumonia vaccination is in order. Malaria is not commonly found in the era of Honduras we serve in so it is not required. The most frequent health risks on this trip are traveler’s diarrhea (caused by impure water or poorly prepared foods), injuries, and poorly controlled illnesses and chronic health conditions that you brought with you from the States. Cristo Salva will provide purified water for drinking, facilities for sanitizing your own hands, safely prepared foods, and a team of medical people prepared to work in primitive conditions. We also have a well supplied emergency locker. People who have health problems or active medical conditions must have them under good control and be actively involved and compliant with a plan of care developed and overseen by a licensed health professional. Individuals with poorly controlled, poorly monitored, unstable, or potentially life-threatening medical conditions should reconsider going, as they may become a serious liability to the mission, rather than an asset.All members of the team are required to have fully and accurately completed a health questionnaire.
Every trip features medical care- usually a few days in the clinic, mobile clinics and home medical treatments.  Food distribution and home visits  are ongoing each week as well. If you would like to bring a group down to do construction projects or special projects please prayfully consider helping raise the funds to complete the project. 
There is much to do each trip! We desire people with servant's hearts who are willing to anything that needs to be done!