Cristo Salva is an ongoing, inter-denominational ministry of encouragement to the people of Honduras, Central America.
Cristo Salva
Sunday, July 25, 2021
An ongoing ministry of encouragment to the people of Honduras

Airline Tickets

*Please do not book your tickets unless you have emailed your tentative itinerary to first. We are seeking to make sure that every team member books in accordance with the flight information that we have provided. Once you have been notified that your flight information is correct you can go ahead and book it. 
We highly recommend booking your tickets through Cris Knight at Just Call Cris Travel. She will make sure you are on the correct flights and at the best prices possible.  You can reach her at:
Please send her the following information:  Name as it appears on your passport (or will appear if it hasn't been issued yet), date of depature and return, airport departing from and if you have a group how many are in your group.  If you can provide as much information as possible in the initial email that will be very helpful. 
You do not have to use Cris you may book your flight directly. Please keep the following in mind if you choose to book your own flight:
Airline Facts:  American , Delta and Continental have flights that depart and arrive at San Pedro Sula Airport mid-day on Mondays. Please make your reservations to arrive/depart only on Mondays mid-day. We are over an hour and a half from the airport and can not accomodate different arrival/departure dates & times, late afternoon or evening flights need to be avoided because of the distance to the camp.   We have found American is the most reliable-flight #941 from Miami to San Pedro Sula and flight #942 from San Pedro Sula to Miami are the connecting flight numbers to book. Please make sure your departure from Honduras is also mid afternoon (flight 942 on American).  Your thoughtfulness in this is greatly appreciated. Please, please ask before you book!
 Please check your passport to make sure that the expiration date is greater than 6 months from the time of your trip to Honduras. There is a new law in effect that will not allow you to leave the US unless your passport expires more than 6 months from your return to the US.